Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Illinois Rep Denounces Tyranny On House Floor!

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Illinois Rep. Explodes Over Tyranny On House Floor

InfoWars.com is reporting:  The Downstate Republican threw a fit on the Illinois House floor expressing his anger at being treated like a chump for the way that the Legislature works: Fart around for months until the last possible moment, have the “leadership” work out a deal, and then dump the entire mess on legislators’ desks without giving them time to study, or even speed read, what’s in the legislation before casting their votes. This is a big reason that this state is in such a mess. How can this be stopped? It can’t as long as voters from districts like House Speaker Mike Madigan’s keep re-electing these clowns.

Illinois Rep Screams in Outrage on House floor! (The tyranny is coming unglued)

Poignant commentary by johnperna2

When Rome degenerated from a free republic into a tyranny the statesmen, who had previously served the people, were intimidated to be silent. Caesar left the Senate functioning to preserve the illusion of a government of laws. The difference was that the only function of the Senator was to do exactly as Caesar said to do.

Without the internet we would never hear about these daring challenges that are being made. Some politicians are as fed up as we are, and are saying what the rest of of are saying. Be proud to restore liberty.
Then read this again, and change a few words:
Change "British ministry" to "federal government"
Change "kings" to "tyrants"
Change "Great Britain" to "Washington"
Change "ministry and Parliament" to "federal government"
Change "throne" to "federal government"
Change "British guard" to "federal officer"
Change "Boston" to "Waco and Ruby Ridge"

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