Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drones Over America, Coming to Spy on You!

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Welcome to Amerika!: Of the Drones, By the Drones, For the Drones

Drones Over America, Coming to Spy on You!

Roger Tory Peterson, a conservationist and inventor of the modern field guide, wrote a classic book in 1983 called "Wings Over America" about birds. Who would have believed that soon there will be an estimated 30,000 drones flying over America? I propose drones be added to bird field guides and checklists. What is the purpose of these drones? Under the guise of protecting you from terrorists and promoting public safety, the purpose is to monitor your behavior and ensure control over your life by the corporate-political criminal class.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), and Alex Jones of InfoWars are among those warning of this next step in the destruction of the Bill of Rights and ongoing mockery of The Declaration of Independence. As Ms. Smith of NetworkWorld asks, "Perhaps you should buy a baseball cap now to help in hiding your features from eye in the sky drones before buying a hat also becomes another ridiculous "suspicious" potential terrorist activity for Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) databases?".

Congress Launches "Attack of the Drones" Get ready to look up at the sky and see drones hovering above. As of now the unmanned aircraft can only be used in the air by the military and certain law enforcement agencies. But this week Congress passed a bill that would allow for commercial and private use of drones. And these aircraft typically carry surveillance equipment and even weapons sometimes. Alex Jones, a radio host explains what does that mean for your privacy and safety.

Congress Opens US Airspace for Drones The US Congress has just passed the bill that allows private and commercial use of drones. This entails lots of questions as the aircraft that until now have been used solely by the military and intelligence is now available for an average citizen. How this bill implementation could harm your privacy and safety is one of the main concerns. To talk more about the implications of the bill Scott Norton of Harper's Magazine joins RT's Liz Wahl.

The ShadowHawk Drone can be armed with a shotgun or grenade launcher