Thursday, March 22, 2012

TSA Searches 3-Year-Old Boy in Wheelchair as Suspected Terrorist!

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Transportation Security Administration

According to actions by the TSA, the terrorist threat is so severe that 3-year old American children in wheelchairs must be searched to ensure there is no threat of terrorist attack. Meantime, the Canadian and Mexican borders continue unsecured for 10+ years since the 911 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Perhaps Big Brother knows something the public doesn't and the Managed Media refuses to report?

The billions of dollars, even $1+ trillion, spent for securing America from terrorists doesn't stop one of these so-called terrorists, or a battalion of terrorists, from walking across the border with a shoulder-fired missile? Of course not, the purpose is to train American citizens to comply, obey, and submit to the federal government under the guise of public safety.

The intent is to train American citizens like dogs, grope their genitals, and get in their innermost space. Once people are conditioned to unconditionally surrender privacy and dignity, they are easily controlled. Fathers will stand by while federal officials search their little children and say "everything is ok". Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, et. al. knew this. The incremental destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights continues...

TSA Nabs Suspected Al-Qaeda Terrorist At Chicago Airport: A toddler in a wheelchair This video was taken in in the spring of 2010 at either O'Hare or Midway Airport. A toddler in a wheelchair is stopped by the TSA at the Airport in Chicago and forced to into a sequestered area. On his way to a family vacation in Disney, this 3 year old boy is in a body cast for a broken leg. Despite assurances from his father that "everything is ok", he is physically trembling with fear while he watches his two siblings, mother, father, grandfather and grandmother pass through along with everyone else...only to be singled out. He simply does not understand what is happening and why.

The German people compromised and acquiesced freedom to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, until it was too late...

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